About Scotty Z's Zotwaddle Gallery*

Scotty Z established Zotwaddle.com to connect real fans with unique memorabilia.

A Little History...

Many years ago Scotty Z was a collector of memoribila of a certain progressive rock band (yes, he's always been a geek). He had every commercially available item that had been produced, including Japanese import versions of the albums, and compilations released only to radio stations, along with more mundane items like limited edition colored vinyl and picture discs (which naturally had never been out of the sleeve, let alone been put on a turntable). Even a number of bootlegs because, well, he had EVERYTHING else!

No one could come close in quantity or quality and then... one day he met another dedicated fan and this guy had a hand-painted piece that was completely unique, no other collection could be as complete because it was the only one of it's kind.

What This Means For YOU...

Now you too can be that guy (or girl...) with the ultimate collection! If Scotty doesn't have what you want contact him and tell him what you're looking for. He loves commission jobs and will work with you to make sure you get a piece you can be proud of.

From Comics to Music and TV and Movies, even Games (both video/computer and otherwise) Scotty Z can deliver.

These aren't prints or lithographs, each one is hand-painted and is completely one of a kind.

I'm convinced how do I buy?

While it was tempting to make this an e-commerce site, we opted to not have one click purchasing at this time. If you'd like to purchase one of our available pieces or want to discuss commissioning your dream piece, drop Scotty a note and we'll take it from there.

And Finally...

Oh yeah, that other guy? Now his collection is second best again, because Scotty Z painted his own, bigger, better version of the same picture. So there, Steve! (er... um... other guy!)

What does Zotwaddle mean? Nothing. Have you tried finding a domain name that isn't already taken?

*This is an online gallery (though we do occasionally have exhibits), these images are only an approximation of what it would look like if you saw them in person (and also a testament to Scotty's awesome Photoshop skill as well). Check each item's sale listing for actual diminsions.

Or check our homepage for info about where our pieces are displayed in the Kansas City area!