Curtis and Corby Jones

I can do more than just fan pieces, ANYTHING you want to commemerate can be turned into a custom piece you can be proud to own.

A Little Background...

Curtis and Corby Jones are brothers, Curtis was a former administrator with the Mizzou football team, Corby was a Mizzou quarterback.

On September 04, 2013 Curtis suddenly passed away at the age of 40.

A close friend of Corby's commissioned this huge piece (it's 48"x60") as a gift for Corby's birthday.

The picure I was given to work from looked like this:

I was asked to remove all of the background, add a little more of Corby's number 7 on his jersey, and add a little more of his helmet. We went through a collaborative process to come up with what the final painting would look like.

Here I am in the lobby of the loft where I delivered the painting...

And a close up of the final painting.

So, if you'd like to have a unique custom piece, Let's Talk About It, I'd love to help you realiaze a dream.